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Monday, 1 May 2017


Gawsh its a good thing I was prepared today!
As the smart girly I am, I made sure me n' mommy checked the weather and it was gonna rain!
I took all my stuff with me to the beach and it did end up raining but it didn't ruin the day!
So so many puddles to jump in! Plus the rain made a pretty sound when it landed on the sea.

❥Hair- Ayashi - Masuzu
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Outfit- S&S - Pretty In Pink
❥Scarf- S&S - Bright Scarf
❥Mittens- Lazo - Mittens with Hold Pose
❥RainBoots- S&S - In the Mandy's Fall Outfit
❥Umbrella- CB - My Winter Umbrella

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