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Thursday, 24 August 2017


Featured Items~

LPJ - Lovey Beary Jammies ( {Mainstore}
Lovey Beary is an outfit consisting of shorts and a tank top as a pajama set. It includes 8 shirt colors and 8 shorts colors, all controlled from the included HUDs. The front of the tank has a cute bear face on it that makes the outfit all the more adorable along with the hearts on the shorts!
The Outfit is available for Toddleedoo Baby&Kid and also Bebe Body. 
This outfit was made for 50L Friday so don't forget to go and snatch it up!

TTT/Junk Food - Snoozin' Pillows (Dino) (Late.billig) {Mainstore}
This came out as a gacha, I currently do not know if it is available anymore
12 commons
4 rares
They animate on attach
Come with attachable zzz's
Click the pillow for sounds.

Other Items ~
Magika - Little (Sabina Gully) {Mainstore}
{LPP} - Bunny Binkies (GemmaNoelle) {Marketplace}

Toddleedoo - Baby (V.3.3) (Bit.Mcmillan)  {Mainstore}
Toddleedoo - Lana (Bit.Mcmillan)  {Mainstore}
{:Moose:} - Maeve (TaeYooung) {Marketplace}

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